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2010-07-01 12:44:22 by GlobalArtistAgency

Hi everyone!

as you can see, we're new to the whole membership of this page, however i (jose) have been a follower of newgrounds for a while. (mainly because tommy 'Weirdo' got me hooked).

at the moment i'm part of a start up talent agency and we're trying to help artist out. on top of that we'r looking for help ourselves.
y'see we're have some scripts written and we want some talented people to help us bring those scripts to life.

the basic premise of the script is a parody of an old school 50's educational film about AGENTS (talent agents). the project it self is on the drawing board and it will be a mixture of live action and animation. which is why i came here... i know's there so many friggin talented people here and i want them to help me out or basically collaborate with me.

so if you wanna participate, then here's what we're looking for....

1. you gotta live in souther california, better yet, somewhere close to burbak, CA.
2. you gotta know how to one of certain things.
a. animate
b. act (voiceacting)
c. cinematography (any leve of expertice helps) and this includes film editing.
d. music knowledge.

that's basically it.
as of now we are not offering any pay because this project is super micro budget. but there's upsides to working with us.
1. you get experience and a chance to practice your craft in a professional setting.
2. it's something to add to a portfolio.
3. your work will be seen by people of all kinds, and therefore appreciatted by all.
4. if you are looking for talent representation of any kind. we can definately help you out.

so i hope you guys, help us out so that we may help you enhance your art and your career.

thank you!


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2010-07-01 17:14:39

Most people on newgrounds are just teenagers and we partner up on newgrounds to make cartoons so if people dont live In L.A why cant they just talk online?

GlobalArtistAgency responds:

well the issue is that i'm trying to do something that i can keep a track on. i feel that if i have people that i can physically talk to, i can then better express my ideas without getting them lost in translation.


2010-07-02 04:35:32

You could video chat and it would be the same experience, right?

There's the box, I stepped out of it.

GlobalArtistAgency responds:

i dont have a video chat on this comp (nor do i have a camera installed) but damn it, i'll see what i can do.

thanks for leaving a comment by the way!


2010-07-03 13:29:40

I wouldn't mind being a part of this actually, as I have a pretty nice set up as far as audio equipment goes. The only problem is I live in Indiana.

1. I have my NOCTI certification in TV production
2. I've made short segments in my TV production class, you can see some of my videos on my youtube channel (DrShankums)
3. I'm a professional film editor and have a lot of experience in special effects (although I don't have any good examples of them in my youtube channel as most were time restricted).
4. I'm just starting in the world of voice acting, and have been (and will be) in a few projects already.
5. I know how to animate, but I'm not a great artist. I can do website animations easy though.
6. I'm a musician, and I will be doing freelance work for the Symphony of Spectors soon (music of Castle Crashers may be the most well known example)
7. I have my brainbench certifications in most adobe products, including Flash, Dreamweaver, and a Master certification in Fireworks.

I understand this is a free project, so I'd only be really interested in offering my services as a voice actor, since all my other skills I actually get paid for. I'll try to get some examples of my audition lines up soon.